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Dental Savings

Doc Wellbee is a smarter dental plan to save money and stay well. We help families reduce dental bills up to 60%, while receiving the highest-quality care. By encouraging you to see your dentist more often, we help you catch tooth decay before it causes bigger and more costly issues like root canal, crown, gum disease or worse.   

Using Doc Wellbee is simple:

  • You Pick from thousands of trusted dentists and dental specialists, (i.e. orthodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists)
  • You Pay our pre-negotiated, discounted rates directly to your dentist at time of service
  • You Save on virtually any procedure - exams, cleanings, fillings, braces, cosmetic and more
  • You Get  
  • Instant savings on major procedures like root canals, crowns, oral surgery
  • No waiting periods, no exemptions, no limits
  • Doc Wellbee Discounts on vision care, prescriptions, lab tests, MRI/CT scans and more


Sample Savings

Routine 6 mos check up $57 $15 73%
Full mouth X-Rays $144 $45 69%
Adult teeth cleaning $102 $40 60%
Child teeth cleaning $75 $32 57%
Protective sealant/tooth $61 $22 64%
White filling $175 $65 63%
Root canal bicuspid $967 $400 59%
Tooth replacement part of permanent bridge $1197 $600 50%

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